What’s the interest rate on the investment company loan? Affect guarantee company loan interest rate factor!


What’s the interest rate on the investment company loan? Small series first take you to understand what is the investment company loan? It refers to the business in which the borrower lends money to a financial institution by way of guaranteeing and increasing credit through a guarantee company. Because assure a company to produce undertake insurance cost, management fee to wait, assure a company loan interest rate is general rate is higher than bank. Some guarantee companies also accept pad capital, redemption building and other short – term borrowing business, short-term borrowing interest rate about 3%.

Investment company loan interest rate factor: the guarantee company usually needs the borrower to mortgage the real estate to control the risk. The lower the proportion of loan amount in real estate, the lower the risk, and the lower the loan interest rate of the guaranteed company. In addition, the employer qualification of the borrower is also very important. It is relatively easy for employees of state-owned enterprises, large enterprises and listed companies to get loans. Loans to small and micro business owners are difficult.

Loan interest profile of non-guaranteed company: loan company of non-guaranteed nature is different from loan of investment company. It is more dependent on whether the mortgage is sufficient. For example, the mortgage rate of wuxutu has been controlled at about 50%. Mortgage rates for non-bank, collaterality-company loans are typically kept between 1.5% and 2% a month.

Other lending institutions loan interest rate pawnshop, small loan companies, such as five color soil are common mortgage acceptance agencies


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