Full money to buy a house is good, but also many shortcomings, money will be capricious?


Ordinary people may think that full money to buy a house is good, do not need to do a loan, do not need to also mortgage, do not do house slaves, save a lot of things not to say, he also did not repay the pressure of the loan, life is relaxed, a beautiful, but the fact is really such? In fact, we should look at this issue comprehensively, do not indulge in the full amount of “chic”, also do not have a lot of money “bold”, even if the money also do not capricious.

Full paragraph buys a house to have his advantage is not allowed to deny, below we say to rely on the advantage that buys a house completely from 3 respects first, of course everybody also can undertake oneself buy a house according to corresponding advantage activity.

One, the advantages of buying a house

1. Save money in full

Everybody knows, when doing mortgage loan, grind one’s brains to choose, it is not only to buy a house, still need cheaper actually buy a house, that interest is lower also became the ache point in borrower heart. Mortgage purchase although you can choose a lower interest rate, but no matter how low, interest is always there.

Compare so, whole money does not need to consider the problem of accrual completely, and one-time payment still can talk about the thing of discount with development business for certain, such direct save cost likelihood is tens of thousands, tens of thousands.

2. Buy a house but don’t be a mortgage slave

The word “mortgage slave” can be said to be a heavy burden on the current young people, not only a financial burden but also a psychological burden. The repayment plan that lasts for more than ten years or several decades, in the best time of a young person, is all about fighting for the house. Moreover, considering all kinds of risks, the “mortgage slave” will not change much and life may be solidified. However, the full payment does not need to consider these factors at all.

3, the house changes hands conveniently

This point is from the Angle that house property invests to say, undertake house property investment is optimal of course all rely on buy a house, because the house in repay loan is not carelessly can enter current market, whole money buys a house to be able to enter and exit house property market freely according to market condition.

Additional full money buys a house to be able to put forward building mortgage loan to the bank when sudden circumstance, solve capital respect unexpected need.

Full money to buy a house is not not cost-effective, not bad, but full money to buy a house also has some disadvantages need your attention, especially for real estate investment friends.

Second, the full purchase of housing disadvantages

1. Great financial pressure

In terms of the current housing market, it is not necessary to say that in first-tier and second-tier cities, it is normal to have millions of apartments. In third-tier cities, the housing price is almost one million. Therefore, in such a market, buying a house with full payment is not a small pressure for most people.

2. Hidden investment risks

When undertaking estate investment is proposal full paragraph, but this also has premise. There are risks in any investment. Although the overall trend of the real estate market will not change or fluctuate significantly, it is difficult to make clear specific areas. The factors such as construction quality, developer technology and capital strength are important factors for real estate construction. There are regional factors, after all, China is now a large number of “ghost city” is an indisputable fact.

To sum up, when undertaking full money to buy a house, everybody still needs to consider more, want to make clear the purpose that oneself buy a house, 2 should combine oneself economic condition, comprehensive balance, many compare, so ability makes the most reasonable choice.


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