Overdue serious bank “kill a life to chase a soul Call” bore dead you

逾期严重 银行“夺命追魂Call”烦死你

After a lot of card friends transact credit card, enjoy the pleasant sensation that brush brushs only, do not take into account however when reimbursement, because this causes delay in time. But the debt always has to be paid, and the late impact of credit will not say will be penalized by the bank. So how will Banks treat customers who are seriously overdue? Just like taobao was poor evaluation of the merchant, killing the soul call that is inevitable.

How does the bank treat customers who are seriously overdue

1, overdue less than 1 month, the bank will text message or phone inform you overdue

Overdue records directly affect personal credit investigation, seriously affect loans and other businesses, so it is recommended that you maintain a good repayment record.

2, overdue more than 1 month, the bank will text message or phone warning you seriously overdue

Overdue will be recorded to the central bank credit system, no matter you are in the loan or credit card, the bank can check.

3, more than 3 months, at the same time the amount of arrears more than 10000 yuan, the bank will contact the lawyer, the lawyer will phone you

If you are overdue for more than 3 months, your lawyer will call you directly to tell you that if you do not pay the full amount, you will be charged with criminal detention and fine.

4. If the lawyer fails to contact the person or fails to return the money, the bank will report the crime of fraud through the lawyer

Sue hind, lawyer can contact actively with you, if contact cannot go up, or expire or did not repay, the bank reports a case with crime of fraud directly.

5, the public security will be invited to assist the investigation, of course, if there is a reasonable explanation, and immediately return the money, should not be transferred to the criminal, otherwise at least will leave a record.

The public security organ can intervene in investigation after report of fraud crime, if have reasonable explanation and full reimbursement, should not turn criminal case, but can have case record to keep. Later do credit card or loan to wait to be affected


If arrearage amount is less than 10 thousand yuan, do not involve criminal actually, but credit record may affect lifelong, suggest card friend or normal use credit card, do not be greedy for a moment, let oneself hang credit bad reputation.

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