Intellectual property and loan link! Spring has come for small and micro businesses


Micro, small and medium enterprises is the “cell” of the market economy, is the most dynamic group, because “people less money”, however, is difficult to satisfy the requirement of the bank risk prevention and control, yesterday, the shenzhen intellectual property office and the bank of Beijing, shenzhen jointly held the opening ceremony of the intellectual property publicity week in wuzhou hotel and conference “deep wisdom is borrowed” products.

Different from the general intellectual property pledge loan products, “shenzhidai” is mainly aimed at the intellectual property loan for small and micro enterprises without guarantee. It is the first intellectual property pledge loan product launched by the government under the guidance of cooperation with Banks.

Shenzhen deserves its reputation as a city of innovation and invention

Over the years, shenzhen has led the country in patent application. It has not only accumulated a large number of innovation leaders such as huawei, zte and tencent, but also accumulated a growing enthusiasm for entrepreneurship. Many experts and scholars have called shenzhen not only the “city of makers” but also the “city of inventions”.

Guo chi, deputy director of the shenzhen municipal commission of market and quality management, said in his speech that by the end of 2015, PCT applications in shenzhen had been applied for 12 consecutive years, accounting for nearly 50 percent of the country’s large and medium-sized cities. Valid domestic invention patents of shenzhen reached 83,903, ranking the second place among large and medium-sized cities in China, next only to Beijing. Shenzhen has registered over 400,000 effective trademarks and 162 well-known trademarks, ranking among the largest cities in China. In 2015, the number of computer software copyright registrations was 36,157, accounting for 12% of the national total.

It is understood that the launch ceremony of intellectual property publicity week was held to welcome the upcoming 16th “world intellectual property day” and launch the intellectual property publicity week in our city. Publicity week in 2016, shenzhen intellectual property office will take the “intellectual property rights protect innovation and promote development” as the theme, with intellectual property rights to promote independent innovation and strengthen the key competitiveness of city as the goal, during the week to hold a series of colorful activities to publicize the dangers of intellectual property rights, issued a series of important information, intellectual property rights to hold a series of intellectual property law and practice training, including intellectual property rights, and intellectual property work conference in the city leaders one-on-one peak BBS, 5th shenzhen youth special grand prix, intellectual property rights protection of intellectual property rights enforcement actions such as multiple activities, build the protection of intellectual property rights and encouraging the innovation of the social environment.

Intellectual property pledge financing single maximum 2 million yuan after the risk compensation

In the first year of “much starker choices-and graver consequences-in”, a row of the municipal party committee issued “about several measures to improve the scientific and technological innovation” “on support some measures to improve the competitiveness of enterprise” “about several measures to promote the development of talent first” three important files, greatly improve the quality of the intellectual property rights in zhuhai and arouse the enthusiasm for innovation. To promote the city’s intellectual property operations.

As is known to all, traditional bank loans must have collateral, the fear is that there will be bad debts, so as to offset the risk. However, as many small and medium-sized enterprises are still in the start-up stage, the risk prevention and control requirements of Banks are in conflict with the financing needs of intangible assets of small and medium-sized technology enterprises. At present, many Banks in China have launched intellectual property pledge financing business. However, due to the difficulty in evaluation, high risk, difficulty in realization and other factors, the business of intellectual property pledge loan in China has been very popular for a long time, and pure intellectual property pledge loan is rare.

How to solve this problem? Shenzhen is trying to go first: several measures on promoting scientific and technological innovation clearly stipulates that the registration system of intellectual property pledge financing should be explored, and a certain proportion of the actual bad debt loss caused by the bank’s intellectual property pledge financing to innovative small, medium and micro enterprises should be compensated for the subsequent risk up to 2 million yuan.

This means that shenzhen is sparing no effort to explore multiple channels to help small, medium and micro enterprises to finance, and encourage enterprises to accelerate innovation to occupy the intellectual property highland. As for “bad debts”, shenzhen solved the worries of Banks through the after-risk compensation mechanism, and helped small and micro enterprises with independent intellectual property rights to solve financing problems.

At the meeting, the municipal intellectual property office and bank of Beijing shenzhen branch signed the “intellectual property pledge loan strategic cooperation framework agreement”. According to the framework agreement, the bank of Beijing will provide up to 5 billion yuan of voluntary financing to shenzhen’s dominant enterprises.

Chen mingang, director of the intellectual property promotion office of shenzhen municipal intellectual property office, said that this is the first intellectual property pledge loan product jointly launched by the government and Banks under the guidance of the government. Looking back at the past few years, the risk rate of intellectual property loan financing in shenzhen is very low, which lays a good foundation for future development.

“We hope that more financial institutions will make bold attempts in the field of converting property rights into capital, inspire enterprises’ enthusiasm for innovation, and make small and micro enterprises more vigorous and vigorous.”


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