Guarantee company business process: how does guarantee service work?


To loan especially large loan, assure is unavoidable, have an article to touch pledge best, if do not have, look for a person to do assure also go, if above cannot provide, this is to have to look for professional assure company to solve loan to assure a problem for you. Guarantee company has become one of the main ways of loan guarantee, especially enterprise loan guarantee. Entrepreneur friends who need loan should know more about guarantee company.

The most basic understanding should be the business process of the guarantee company. Before we look for a guarantee company for a loan, we should have a comprehensive and systematic understanding of the business process of the guarantee company, so that we can clearly and accurately find a more suitable guarantee company when we choose the guarantee service. Let’s talk about the business operation process of guarantee company.

1. Apply for guarantee

Enterprises that have loan needs but cannot provide guarantee in line with the requirements of the bank shall apply for loan guarantee from the guarantee company.

Second, enterprise qualification inspection

After accepting the guarantee application of the enterprise, the guarantee company needs to make a thorough and comprehensive understanding of the enterprise’s business situation, financial situation, mortgaged assets, tax payment, credit situation, business owners, etc., and determine whether to provide guarantee services for the enterprise after examination and verification.

Iii. Communication between the guarantee company and the bank

Through communication with the loan handling bank, the guarantee company can further understand the information of the enterprise and know the amount and duration of the loan proposed by the bank, so as to further clarify the willingness to provide guarantee.

Iv. The three parties sign the guarantee loan contract

After a detailed review and confirmation of the loan guarantee intention, the enterprise, the bank and the guarantee company specify their respective rights and obligations, sign relevant contracts, go through relevant procedures and complete the guarantee loan activities. Guarantee companies sign guarantee contracts and counter-guarantee agreements with enterprises, sign guarantee contracts with Banks, and establish guarantee relations among the three parties.

5. Bank loan

The tripartite guarantee relationship is established. The bank issues the loan to the enterprise according to the loan contract, and the enterprise shall pay the guarantee fee to the bank.

Vi. Guarantee company enterprise tracking

Considering the use direction of the loan and whether the enterprise can repay the loan normally, the guarantee company shall make real-time tracking of the enterprise’s operation status and understand the operation status of the enterprise. It can be mainly understood from the data of quarterly tax payment, electricity consumption, increase or decrease of cash flow, etc.

At the same time in the enterprise repayment of loans timely remind, urge, ensure that the enterprise in sufficient liquidity under the premise of timely repayment of current loan principal and interest.

Vii. Termination of the guaranty relationship

After the enterprise closes loan, assure a company to ask for reimbursement sheet to the enterprise, after basis reimbursement sheet and bank, enterprise remove assure concern, remove the guaranty that assures a company to register.

Viii. Guarantee service record

Guarantee company to the enterprise this time guarantee do credit registration, divided into normal, abnormal, overdue, bad debt four grades, for the future guarantee to provide credit records.

Ix. Enterprise credit filing

Guarantee company will be signed with the bank, the enterprise of all kinds of agreements and the proof after loan repayment, the proof that removes guaranty sorts out file, seal up, in order to be ready for future check file.

This is the introduction of the business process of the guarantee company. The loan enterprises can take the guarantee company as a necessary loan guarantee, and they should also learn more about other aspects after understanding the guarantee work process.


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