Ali financial loan platform “micro loan products” introduction!


Small make up for you to introduce ali financial loan platform “micro loan products”! Ali small loan has developed ali credit loan, taobao (Tmall) credit loan, taobao (Tmall) order loan and other micro loan products, and all are pure credit loans, do not need small and micro enterprises to submit any guarantee or mortgage. In view of the characteristics of short, even and rapid use of funds by small and micro enterprises, these micro loan products are designed to support daily interest and loan with repayment.

Orders for the loan

Taobao (Tmall) sellers apply for loans in the name of individuals (enterprises) with orders in the state of “seller has delivered goods, buyer has not confirmed receiving goods” in the store. The system will evaluate these orders, calculate the maximum amount of loans that can be applied within the total amount of orders that meet the conditions, and issue loans.


Taobao (Tmall) credit loans are provided to taobao shop owners (Tmall merchants) without mortgage or guarantee. The system will automatically check and ratify the credit line after comprehensively evaluating the applicant’s credit status, credit risk and credit demand.

Juhuasuan special loan

Taobao (Tmall) juhuasuan special loan is provided to taobao (Tmall) sellers who participate in juhuasuan activities. The seller successfully participates in juhuasuan activity. Before the deposit is frozen, the system will give a comprehensive evaluation based on the operation status of the seller’s store and the attributes of the participating products, and the maximum credit limit can be applied for is 1 million yuan. The special loan of juhuasuan can only be used to freeze the deposit of juhuasuan.

Ali credit loan

The chengxin tong (China station user) or China supplier member (international station user) on ali financial loan platform can apply without providing guarantee. The credit line shall be approved after comprehensive evaluation of the applicant’s credit status, credit risk, credit demand and other factors.


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