Targeting fresh graduates’ pockets: ‘job loan’ traps


This wants to seek “good rice bowl”, unexpectedly, not only the job is not landed, still because attend “groom” borrowed money, want every month to return 900 yuan regularly. Jun, 24, is smiling bitterly now.

“Apply for a job borrows” the obtain employment trap behind and small jun are similar, the xiao wang that graduates from a technical secondary school school from luoyang also feels oneself “cheated”.

After wang graduated in July 2013, bochuanghuayu (Beijing) technology co., ltd. offered him an olive branch on the condition that he would attend their pre-job training. “They said they would start a job after three months of training and then pay back the loan with their salary,” wang recalled.

After borrowing 10 thousand yuan to hand in training fee, in time of more than two years, wang did not get the job that promises tardy, still face huge reimbursement pressure, when wang makes a phone call to inquire again and again, staff personnel is all the time with all sorts of reasons prevaricate however he.

In fact, the luoyang branch of bochuang huayu (Beijing) technology co., LTD has no training qualification.

The loan agreement is dodgy

Jun’s repayment schedule shows that the repayment term is 24 months, from July 2015 to July 2017. The first nine months are 255.3 yuan, while the second 15 months are 899.93 yuan. After such calculation, a total of 15796.65 yuan needs to be repaid in 24 months, with an annual interest rate of over 23.7%.

After reading the terms carefully, jun found that in addition to the principal and interest payments, she also had to pay 428.88 yuan of consulting fees and 643.44 yuan of service fees to the credit company, which were also paid over 24 months.

Employment trap of “job loan”

In recent years, due to the increasing number of college graduates and the saturation of some market demands, many enterprises have taken advantage of the college graduates’ eagerness to find a job and insufficient understanding of the complexity of reality to lure students with high salaries to receive “pre-job training”, while “training fee” is borrowed by credit companies.

Alleged “apply for a job borrow”, it is to train an enterprise and credit orgnaization collaboration, by graduate with individual name, loan to credit orgnaization serves as “training fee”, “training fee” enter enterprise account directly, graduate need not pay can accept “training”.

Credit institutions will pay “training fee” to enterprises, which is actually the generation of a loan process. Although credit institutions indicate the interest, there are also high “consulting fee” and “service fee” in the loan process, which are all borne by graduates personally. Once the graduates have been “trained”, the credit institutions have released the money, and the unemployed graduates have been saddled with loans. After the “training”, the company will recommend to some companies, but if the job is not ideal, the graduates get a low salary, which not only bears the cost of living, but also bears huge repayment pressure.

According to China youth daily


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