Learn these 5 tips to get a low-interest consumer loan so easy!

学会这5个技巧 获得低利率消费贷款so easy!

Consumer loans, also known as consumer loans, mainly refer to personal loans for studying abroad, housing decoration, buying durable goods and even buying cars. In terms of types, consumer loans include residential mortgage loans, non-housing loans and credit card loans. It has a wide range of consumer USES, a higher loan limit and a longer loan period. It’s easy to apply for a consumer loan, but do you know how to apply for a consumer loan with a low interest rate? Here are five tips to help you learn how to get a low interest rate loan.

1. Maintain your personal credit

To get a low interest rate bank loan, the borrower must have a good credit history, so that the bank will think you have a strong willingness to repay, in order to trust the loan to you. Therefore, we must maintain their own personal credit in daily life, to avoid unnecessary trouble.

2. Become a high-quality customer of the bank

Compared with ordinary customers, Banks offer lower interest rates to prime customers, so how to become a prime customer?

(1) career stability: for example, you belong to civil servants, teachers, state-owned enterprises and other stable career staff;

(2) having a large amount of deposit in the lending bank;

(3) purchased the financial products of the loan bank;

(4) hold platinum credit CARDS of the lending bank, etc.

3. Strong repayment ability

Borrowers have strong repayment ability, access to low interest rate bank loans is also greater. A beautiful bank statement, no doubt for funds to apply for a lower interest rate loans to add weight.

4. Apply for a mortgage

Typically, applying for a loan with collateral will have a lower interest rate than an unsecured loan. For example, a customer who offers a car as collateral will receive a lower interest rate on a consumer loan than an unsecured loan.

5. Cost and repayment ability should be taken into consideration

Consumer finance experts advise consumers to “think twice” before taking out a loan and choose the right one. One is to consider costs. When choosing consumer loans, interest rates must be considered. Before signing a loan contract, pay attention to the loan interest and service charges, repayment period and other information. Usually the lower the down payment, the longer the loan period, the corresponding interest and service charges will be relatively high.

To sum up, personal credit is particularly important, followed by personal occupation and income level. Of course, education background and marital status are also important factors considered by Banks. Users who apply for loans without collateral can start by establishing a good credit record.

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