Shanghai provident fund loan line inquiry method magic people should know

上海市公积金贷款额度查询方法 魔都人民都应该知道

No matter from which side, accumulation fund loan is the first choice for buyers, just in front of the choice of accumulation fund loan, you first consideration should be its own accumulation fund loans, only know their own after the loan amount, can choose to take what kind of loan to purchase, is pure provident fund loans or business loans and the combination of accumulation fund loan, or can only take the pure commercial loans, determine which way to take, you can plan the next step.

So today we introduce the inquiry method that Shanghai accumulation fund borrows line of credit for the friend of Shanghai, hope can help everybody complete the big undertaking that buy a house smoothly.

The inquiry of the loan amount of Shanghai public accumulation fund can be conducted directly on the official website of Shanghai public accumulation fund management center. First, we need to log into the personal public accumulation fund account. The process is as follows:

Shanghai personal provident fund account registration

1. Visit the official website of Shanghai provident fund management center:

2. Click on the top right corner to enter the inquiry interface of personal account login of accumulation fund

To register an account for the first inquiry, click the new user registration on the left. If already had account to be able to choose account of individual accumulation fund to log directly, can inquire relevant detail.

3. New user registration

4, fill in the registration information, pay attention to know their provident fund account

The inquiry method of accumulation fund account number is as follows:

(1) counter inquiry: I can carry my id card or social security card to the city or district or county provident fund business acceptance outlets for inquiry.

(2) unit inquiry: I can go to the accumulation fund deposit unit or the original deposit unit for inquiry.

(3) the employee account number shown on the annual statement of accumulation fund issued by CCB every year is the account number of accumulation fund.

The above three methods can be selected by yourself, inquiry to the accumulation fund account can enter the following interface to continue to operate.

5. Check the account registration successfully

You can prompt the left side of the following figure to query the corresponding details.

Shanghai provident fund loan line query

After individual accumulation fund account is logged in, click the “accumulation fund loan qualification limit inquiry” as shown above to know whether oneself can apply for accumulation fund loan and how much is the limit of loan. The above figure cannot give the detailed page because it is a simulated login, but the whole query process works like this. I hope our presentation was helpful.


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