Network loan cheater borrows your fire eye gold fine to want more!

网络贷款骗子多 借你火眼金晴要不要!

With the development of Internet finance, it is no longer a strange thing to borrow money online. A lot of friends in the application bank and non-bank financial institutions are rejected when the loan, will choose to apply for a loan on the Internet, but small make up want to say with everyone is the network loan is really reliable? Obviously not, now the network loans mixed, not careful you may fall into the trap, small make up for everyone collate to avoid the net loan liar sword, also do not catch!

See whether the company is formal

Cheater company is harmed miserably person, also pay attention to certainly when choosing net to borrow a company, must not believe the rhetoric that the other side contacts personnel easily. Suggest everybody before contacting a company, want to check this company to be registered formally first, whether can develop relevant business, if cannot develop relevant business, that does not want to contact hurriedly, lest be deceived!

See if there’s a signature

Small make up want to say with everybody is to deal with network loan, this does not mean all formalities of network loan are dealt with through the net, generally speaking borrower is only through the net after looking for loan orgnaization, want to interview with borrower.

So if the other party has been only through the network, text messages, WeChat and other ways to contact you and not meet, it is generally a liar.

Look whether the company has fixed telephone, fixed address

Although the company is dealt with network loan, but the company still should have fixed address, and fixed telephone, if you look for which company not only did not have fixed telephone, also did not have fixed address at the same time, that small make up advised you not to contact at once, because that company must be a liar.

It must be a liar who claims to be lending money all over the country

For at present, loan can deal with in local only commonly, cannot different ground trades. So those who claim to be lending nationally must be liars. Encounter this kind of circumstance to want to leave quickly, lest be deceived.

Through small series of introduction, you have already understood, if you want to and small series for further in-depth communication, you can add, financing problems one by one, from now on money is no longer a problem!


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