Guilin now “sky-high price fish” customers are ripped off! You also need to be careful of the hidden fee pit in the loan


Now, people’s living conditions are better, every holiday, will go out to travel, enjoy different food throughout the country. However, more tourists, the phenomenon of rip-off of each well-known tourist destination is also more.

Remember a few years ago, the cheater of hainan island disorderly elephant make very big. Subsequently, like Qingdao sky-high price prawn, heilongjiang sky-high price sturgeon fish’s rifter event has also been exposed by the media, and recently, known as the landscape of the world’s tourist resort guilin, also appeared “sky-high price fish” rifter event, and this “fish” also thief expensive, should sell 5000 yuan, calculate to sell 1500 yuan per jin!

This kind of rip-off event, the business is simply heartless, the eyes only money. Usually, the price of tourist land is more expensive than normal a few tourists can also accept, but like this sky-high price fish should 5000 yuan unexpectedly, this is obviously naked ripper, very angry! Similarly, in the loan area, there are also some hidden fees trap, you are not careful, will be a trap. Here, the little younger sister specially collated loan, credit card a few expenses that place involves in, some expenses can omit completely, so you must wipe bright eye, must not be pit!

Do you know all the loan fees?

Loan interest expense

Most loan products have a fee, which is related to the loan interest rate specified by financial companies. The higher the loan interest rate, the higher the interest expense borne by individuals. As interest rates vary from bank to bank, loans typically pay 10% to 35% above the base rate. With an annual interest rate of over 36%, it can be regarded as usury.

Ii. Handling fee

According to each loan product is different, the poundage that the user needs to pay is different, some loan product name “0 interest rate” the guise, actually cost transferred poundage among. When borrower shen borrows, must close bright eye, what suffer loss otherwise is oneself thought to had cheap however.

Current poundage is clear eye is various, some exist with monthly management fee form, some one-time collection, astute lender, before taking a loan, had better calculate the charge of total expenditure.

Third, the mortgage appraisal fee

These fees occur in mortgages and are not covered by credit. Mortgage assessment fee is determined by the value of the mortgage and the difficulty of assessment. The fee standard is between 1/1000 and 5/1000 of the appraisal. Different financial institutions charge different assessment fee.

Guarantee fee

When applying for guaranteed loan, the guarantor will be involved. If the guarantor is an individual, no guarantee fee will be charged. If the guarantor is a guarantee company, the lender needs to pay the guarantee fee of 2% to 4% of the loan amount to the guarantee company.

V. expenses for breach of contract

Sign loan contract with financial orgnaization, can have pair of penalty circumstance and punishment measure commonly regulation. Generally speaking, lender needs to pay attention to two respects, it is overdue reimbursement, 2 it is to repay loan ahead of schedule, see clearly the regulation of this breach charge is how much, in the process that repay loan won’t eat dark deficit.

The above five kinds of fees, is the most common loan 5 kinds of payment situation, in addition, there are some lenders experienced agent check credit also want to charge, even if the loan is rejected, you also need to withdraw 1-5 yuan of fees.

Don’t overpay these credit card fees

The first pit is the annual credit card fee

Most credit card is to have annual cost, if not be tuhao, the card in the hand is general card or gold card, so annual cost is basically in 100-300 yuan or so, as long as a year brushs card certain number to be able to exempt. For example, swipe your card 6 times or swipe your card 12 times. This condition is easy to achieve. But if you’re rich and use a platinum card — sorry, the annual fee is inevitable, no matter how you swipe it. So don’t covet platinum card high amount, have face; You don’t need a card if you don’t have to.

If you have a lot of credit CARDS and you’re tired of swiping each card six times? Teach you a method that avoids annual fee: call a bank, say to want cancel card, unless give you avoid annual fee. It’s possible to avoid the annual fee. However, this method is only recommended for CARDS that are optional and not used much, because the bank may simply allow you to cancel the card…

Second pit, it is credit card draws cash poundage and instalment poundage

These expenses presumably everybody is clear, draw cash not only want poundage, calculate interest by the day even; Instalment also has poundage, and reimbursement ahead of schedule also cannot exempt. So don’t withdraw cash or amortize if you don’t have to. If you want to staging, recommend you try flower bai or jingdong baitiao, both can be staged. Compared with credit CARDS, flower bai and ious in advance payment, subsequent fees can be waived; And some goods can be interest-free installment, more cost-effective.

The third pitfall is overdue interest on credit CARDS and late fees

Overdue or not full reimbursement, penalty interest is very high, even the lowest repayment is also penalty interest. So, if still do not go up, even if make instalment also do not want lowest reimbursement. In fact, installment than the lowest repayment pressure can be smaller. Instalment can be divided 36 times at most, but lowest reimbursement must still want above of one tenth, have high interest even. You can tell which is the best deal.

The fourth pit, credit card overlimit poundage

Exceed limit cost is in you did not deal with temporarily raise forehead, and brush card to exceed credit card limit when happening. Generally speaking, the over-limit fee is 5% of the part that exceeds the quota. That is, if you spend $10,000 more than your credit card limit, you’re charged $500. Moreover, the interest of exceed limit part is very high also, still do not enjoy free period. So if there is a need, be sure to get a temporary limit, only trouble for three or five minutes, the savings can be a lot of money!

The fifth pit, credit card currency conversion fees

Many credit CARDS have a hidden pit-they are single-currency CARDS that support visa. Or you go to Europe and your credit card doesn’t support the euro. In this way, if you spend money abroad, you can spend it, but there is a high conversion fee. Pay attention to this, don’t think you can brush it out, be sure to pay attention to the cost.

If you have any loan requirements,

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