Is Amoy loan treasure safe? Is the investment risky?


Is Amoy loan treasure safe? Is the investment risky? The development of p2p online lending is very fast, some of the establishment of a very early or very popular financial platform must be known. Today to introduce a financial platform – Amoy loan treasure. So what if the name is a bit like taobao’s platform? was founded in 2013 with a registered capital of 5 million yuan. The platform is located in wenzhou, zhejiang province.

In Amoy loan treasure investment, recharge fee is 0.3% of recharge amount, withdraw cash amount is below 30,000, withdraw cash fee is 3 yuan/pen, withdraw cash amount is in 3- 50 thousand yuan, withdraw cash fee is 5 yuan/pen. For withdrawals within 15 days from the date of recharge, the withdrawal fee shall be 0.3% of the withdrawal amount. After the investor earns the interest, the platform will charge 10% of the interest earned as the risk guarantee fund of taodaibao website. The VIP fee is 150 yuan/year.

The rate of return of taodaibao financing platform is about 15.6%, which belongs to the average level of p2p platforms. The platform implements the VIP guarantee system. VIP users enjoy the guarantee of principal and interest, while non-vip users enjoy the guarantee of 80% principal. Security platform to set up the risk margin, “risk security account” all the money from tao bao loan according to the agreement signed with the borrower to the service fees charged by the borrower, tao treasure in the service charge to the borrower in accordance with the agreement of loan at the same time, will in charge service fees in accordance with the loan provision for risk security information such as product type. When the loan project is overdue, the platform will withdraw funds from the risk guarantee fund account for advance payment of funds to investors.

Generally speaking, compared with Amoy, the risk is relatively small. However, for investors, whether the platform can disclose the amount of risk deposit is very important. If the risk cannot be clearly disclosed, the risk is relatively high. Even if the platform discloses the amount of deposit, investors should know whether the amount is correct and the amount of money can cover the overdue amount that may occur on the platform.


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