Traditional Banks tremble! Jack ma’s online bank lent 45 billion yuan in eight months


If the Banks don’t change, we’ll change the Banks. This sentence of ma yun believes everybody knows. Recently, the five Banks jointly push mobile phone transfer free, many netizens qi xie ma “palace” success. Ma yun must counterattack bank, net business bank is best counterattack means undoubtedly! Since June 25 last year, it has been 8 months since the opening of e-merchant bank. During the 8 months, the number of e-merchant bank has exceeded 800,000, and the accumulated credit funds provided have reached 45 billion yuan. Has surpassed some Banks!

Pay treasure

Alipay is not only a payment tool, but also a gateway for many other functions, such as yu ‘ebao and zhaocaibao, which are financial services. As the biggest financial entrance of ali!

Credit sesame

Ali USES big data to draw a picture of users and obtain a rating system. Big data will be the core of financial risk control, and it can obtain 20,000-50,000 pure credit loans within 10 minutes, as long as there is sesame credit score!

The balance of the treasure

If the Internet financial management is likened to opening a shop, suppose ant financial has a mall called alipay app and runs an iphone store in a prime location on the first floor of the mall. This is yu ‘ebao — a star product with huge sales volume.

The ant gold dress

Ant financial built ant jubao this platform, the equivalent of building a mall, people flow. Banks, asset management companies, insurance companies, guarantee companies, are stationed in the mall to sell goods store.

Spend bai bai

To provide personal consumption and personal credit services for users in ali system.

Business loans

In order to better support the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, ali specially designed merchant loan service, ali is one of the main sources of financial income!

Alipay is a typical case of applying the principle of big data to Internet finance, which USES free capital, basic information of enterprises, transaction information on alipay platform, and data information of People’s Bank of China credit investigation and procuratorate/court information platform to analyze and judge the loan qualification and amount of enterprises.

Small and micro enterprises have high risk level and are not the target customers of the bank. It is difficult to apply for a loan in the bank, unless the property is mortgaged. Ali’s loan service has little practical impact on the Banks, but it is a wake-up call.


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