It’s good to buy a car on instalments, but you should also know these tricks!

分期付款买车是好 但是这些猫腻你也要知道!

It is a wonderful thing for car lovers to have a car of their own. But a car is not a small thing. For most people, a car is a big thing. So many friends would like to buy a car installment! Want to tell everyone is the installment payment to buy a car is good, but these matters you also need to know, otherwise regret to cry can be you!

Shop around when choosing stages

At present, the financial industry develops rapidly. In addition to Banks, many auto financing companies and micro-credit companies also provide auto installment purchase business. At this time you are about to wipe bright eye, deal with whether complex besides seeing formalities outside, still should see cost rate, pound to pay means, advance reimbursement whether to have a loss to wait.

Auto financing companies, microcredit companies and the like that are owned by dealers may be easier and easier to do than Banks, but don’t think that’s a big deal. Auto financing companies typically charge higher rates for loans than Banks and pay financial fees to car dealers. Therefore, when buying a car on the installment plan, you must shop around, saving money and suitable for yourself is the best.

The maturity of the instalment should be noted

Car stages can range from months to years. The interest rate is often different with different maturity. Accordingly, go up in reimbursement way, we must consider integratedly instalment deadline and reimbursement ability, look for a balance in respect of saving money, reduce pressure. But keep in mind that your monthly payments should generally be limited to less than 50% of your monthly income.

Warm prompt

In addition, it is worth mentioning that once you choose installment business, you must pay attention to their credit, not to take which repayment method, to ensure that the monthly repayment on time. Otherwise, once overdue repayment occurs, you are likely to leave a credit “stain”, after the car loans, mortgage and so on can be difficult.

If you have any loan requirements,

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