College students “zero down payment to buy a house” overnight stop! Clear inventory, retain people do not play so


The hottest market, no doubt, is the housing market. But the hottest news in the property market yesterday was not the usual faces of shenzhen, Shanghai and hangzhou, but shenyang in the northeast.

Although the first tier property market is hot, the second, third and even third tier property market is still facing huge pressure of destocking. Under pressure, the local government is also very hard ah! They include lowering taxes and fees, encouraging farmers to move into cities to buy houses, promoting loans from other places, raising the amount of loans and relaxing the conditions for withdrawing public funds.

And shenyang is announced more, the graduation that shenyang gives newly less than 5 years undergraduate can “zero down payment” buy a house — think about, “down payment” how many people ever buy a house dream in the obstacle?

After the announcement of the policy, a lot of white collars have said: don’t stop me! I’m going to repeat!

However, may be the cause of the overwhelming public opinion, yesterday night, the publicity department of the shenyang municipal party committee official microblog “shenyang release” said that the relevant “zero down payment” is still in the early stage of research and demonstration, temporarily do not have the conditions for the release.

Destocking targeted graduates: zero down payment back subsidies

On March 1, shenyang municipal government issued the implementation opinions of the general office of shenyang municipal people’s government on promoting the healthy development of the real estate market (trial) (hereinafter referred to as the opinions), among which, one of the most explosive is related to college students.

The guideline clearly supports college and secondary vocational school students and new graduates to buy houses. For graduates of colleges and secondary vocational schools who have not graduated more than 5 years to purchase commercial housing in shen, housing accumulation fund policy support will be provided. The continuous payment of housing accumulation fund will be reduced from 6 months to 3 months. For college, secondary vocational school students to buy commercial housing, give every square meter of 200 yuan reward policy. At the same time, colleges, secondary vocational school students, new graduates to buy a house, give deed tax full subsidy policy.

We have to save people, but can we save them?

According to the daily economic news “report, how to reside the guest shenyang company general manager wang smiled, said shenyang inventory more concentrated in the north, dongling, shen and Su Jiatun area, and from the previous data, these three areas just need product to nearly three become surrounding city buy moved to shenyang immigration, especially with the college town and the subway shen north, is the first choice for many college students graduate in. The introduction of the New Deal, is the purchase of effective amplification of the crowd, “the above policies, on the one hand to save the market, on the other hand is also in the retention of people.

Indeed, more than half of the bad economic news we heard in 2015 was related to the northeast. Aging production structure and slowing economic growth have made “fleeing northeast China” an option for the younger generation. In recent years, the population outflow has become increasingly serious.

However, in the context of the overall economic decline in northeast China, can only rely on the house, retain the talent?

What CARDS do local governments have when it comes to de-stocking?

Under the pressure of inventory, in addition to shenyang, many are also bright out of inventory. The new policies include lowering taxes and fees, encouraging farmers to go to cities to buy houses, promoting loans from other places, raising the amount of loans and relaxing the conditions for drawing public accumulation funds.

Some industry insiders believe that there should be other more reliable ways to reduce inventory:

Local governments may adjust their loan policies from commercial Banks, or encourage commercial Banks to set their own credit ratios. Some joint-stock commercial Banks may experiment first, and the five state-owned Banks may follow suit.

Additional, policy of each district accumulation fund loan can continue to adjust.

Still have, the model that buys and rents concurrently is likely to advance, the policy that mortgage interest deducts individual income tax also or can be carried out.

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