Large unsecured loans are not easy for borrowers to apply for

大额度无抵押贷款申请不容易 借款者需努力

Alleged unsecured loan is pure credit loan actually, do not have any property to make support, risk is bigger. Based on this bank, the approval of unsecured loans is relatively strict, and the amount of loans is relatively small. Getting a large amount of unsecured credit is harder than getting a large amount of unsecured credit.

The only key to raising a loan is proving that you can pay it back. The loan standard of the bank can be attributed to the investigation on the repayment ability of the borrower in the final analysis. As long as the repayment ability of the borrower is strong, it is generally possible to borrow from the bank with higher unsecured loans. So, how does specific raise loan amount? We can make efforts from the following three aspects.

1. Pay attention to your credit history

Individual credit record is more and more taken seriously by the bank and other lending institutions. When accepting all kinds of loan applications, the bank will check the individual credit report of the borrower and determine whether to lend according to the credit status. The key factors that affect an individual’s credit history are overdue credit CARDS and loans. If the individual has a good credit record, such as frequent large credit transactions with Banks but never overdue, the bank will give a higher loan line for such borrowers. Therefore, at ordinary times, borrowers need to carefully maintain their credit, repay credit card arrears or loans in full amount on time, timely cancel the long-term use of credit CARDS.

Type of occupation is also crucial

Generally speaking, the bank is willing to grant credit to civil servants or institutions, large state-owned enterprises, top 500 companies and other employees, and is responsible for important positions, such as department heads, managers, technical directors and so on. The reason is quite simple. This kind of users have relatively stable jobs and are expected to have strong repayment ability in the future, so they are not likely to default on their loans. The corresponding loan risk is relatively low, and the bank has a high rating on this kind of customers.

3, provide a certain property to prove the repayment ability

When applying for unsecured loans, property ownership certificates can be provided to increase the amount. In this case, the real estate does not use mortgage, just hand in a copy of the property ownership certificate, after handling the original can be taken away.


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